Cryptocurrencies to Buy: Presearch

Presearch is one of those cryptocurrencies you find only while randomly browsing the internet inebriated or otherwise impaired. Ranked 288th by market cap, this article may very well be the first that you've heard of this project.

With these caveats aside, Presearch is a tremendously intriguing concept. Marketed as a "decentralized search engine," Presearch users earn PRE tokens for engaging the search engine and its associated community; hence, the name.

Should Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG , NASDAQ: GOOGL ) worry? For the time being, no. However, I love the Presearch team's ingenuity, and utilizing the blockchain beyond its typical investment-platform process. In addition, as crypto projects become further mainstream, we could see more organizations challenge the current tech hegemony.

The disruptor getting disrupted? That's perfect poetic justice!

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