PREcast special with Colin Pape!

  1. Is the referral system automated or do they go under a manual review before being able to move them over to your pre-totals? Example: Search + referral amount.

  2. The terms and conditions appear to mention death of a member but I’m unclear if a family member will be allowed access to the pre-held on the platform in this type situation. Although I have pre-in external wallets I also hodl on the platform from the crowdsale and of course search etc.. My concern is whether access will be granted if something were to happen to me and if so how? If not, it would be better to hodl off the platform which I don’t really prefer doing if not needed.

  3. What happens to pre-held in inactive accounts, what is the time-frame that an account is deemed inactive?

  4. I understand the reason behind the new withdrawal telegram channel, bot only but this seems a bit intrusive to me. Sure, for those that were spamming the main channel with the same questions over and over I understand what’s trying to be accomplished but my concern is that a lot of good users will get lost in this space and see it as Presearch distancing themselves from their user base. I’m not sure how members are being directed to this channel but a simple Webpage with the same withdrawal message seems more appropriate than a bot providing the message and then users chatting into thin air.


Answered so deleted.


Please may I know the partners of Presearch?


How do you plan the future of Presearch in say 5 or 10years to come?


I love to stay for 10 years