PREcast special with Colin Pape!



A special episode of the PREcast with Colin Pape, founder of Presearch! Colin will be answering questions collected from the Presearch Community. Send us your questions, and some of the best ones will be chosen to ask Colin.

You can ask your questions in a reply to this post 🙂



How/why did you come up with/choose the name Presearch for the project?


Why are we in crypto?


What was one of the biggest wins and one of the most heart-breaking losses this past year for Presearch?


What was the biggest lesson you learnt as a team/project after a bull and bear market?

  1. what are the next steps in the development of the project
  2. is there planning for institutional accounts?
  3. Does anyone like Nikolaos?

Google is known2buy-in,to competion,or simply buy competition so it stays in business
1)-have u thought about that
2)-how much would you sell Presearch for
3)-if no,why not
4)-Right,-"What offer would you accept(this time not monetary)eg,terms&or related,which you can actually say"you know what,that,i accept"",no one word answer on this one,:)_&preferably detailed_ish response,:):):)


I understand the difference between total and max PRE supply was minted?So_what xactly does that mean,i'm familiar with the word minting,but not "sure" what it means(specifically),so,to a layman,what does it mean to say,"the tokens were minted"?:)


Does Presearch plan on rewarding its early adopters/users? For example, will the token limit be reduced from 8 in the future, or will Presearch stop providing tokens for searches? Also, is it possible the withdrawal limit may increase?

As token-holder, how many tokens will I be required to hold, to be able to vote on decisions and contribute to the project?

Presearch already provides a Firefox ADD ON, which is awesome. Do you think it is possible for the Presearch ADD-ON to provide a browsing VPN service? Hiding our real location while searching and visiting sites on the web using the Presearch engine.


  • What is your top goal for 2018 other than the release of the search engine?
  • In a individualistic world, why do you think the community is integral to the success of this project?